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Underwood's Colorado Youth Voting Act - Gun Violence


The Colorado Youth Voting Act


My Response and Proposed Action Against the NRA if Elected Governor


The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida struck me in a different way than pervious school shootings around this country. Unfortunately, Colorado knows the pain all too well, as we have had countless gun violence tragedies here in our State. The time to act in solving this problem should have been long ago. The NRA in my view, have become a political terrorist organization; they constantly threaten and harass our politicians on both sides of the aisle. The threats from the NRA freezes both Democrats and Republicans who want to do the simplest measures such as, universal background checks, cross referencing information with others states, banning bump stocks, and other proposed laws that would keep us safe. These threats are unleased time and time again, especially during election season. Also, in my view, this is a national security issue for me; no other country on this planet has the gun violence that we do as a nation.


The time to act is now! Since the February 14th, shooting at Stoneman Douglass, I have watched several rally’s organized by these high school students wanting their law makers to do something about gun violence. Weapons of war should not be on our streets period. The last time I checked, you don’t need a 100 round clip to shoot an elk. Listening to some of these brave students like, Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, and Cameron Kasky, was very inspiring. These students sound more articulate than most adults and they make more sense than our current politicians.


These students need political voting power behind them to take on the NRA and other special interest, and thus, I will introduce our very best weapon; our youth. I want Colorado to serve as a national model for the rest of our country. I am going to empower a constituency that the NRA will not be able to bully or corrupt. I introduce to you, The Colorado Youth Voting Act.


This State Voting Act is not just about the NRA. We need our youth engaged in the political process early on, so we can develop their civic duty to vote and participate in our democracy.


1.       If you’re old enough to drive, you’re old enough to vote! I want lower our State’s voting age from 18 to 16. If your 15, you will be able caucus and vote in primaries only.


2.      I want to institute a high school requirement that you must be registered to vote and participate in at least one election before graduating high school.  


3.      I want to lower the age requirements for State Rep and State Senate. For State Rep, I want the minimum age to be 18. For State Senate, I want the minimum age set at 21.


I challenge other politicians around this country to institute this proposed law in their home States. Let’s empower our youth now! They are ready to lead! If you want to see Red States turn to Blue, this is how you do it by 2020! – Erik Underwood for Governor of Colorado

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