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About Erik

Erik was born to a single mother who had six children. His mother had two sets of twins, which Erik has a twin sister named Erika. Erik is the oldest child of all of his siblings. Erik grew up in challenging circumstances. Leadership started very early for Erik, guiding his 5 other siblings. With no father present in his life, Erik had to make tough choices to stay out of trouble. Growing up in three housing projects in 2 States, Erik learned how to make friends and adapt quickly.

The greatest influences in his childhood were his grandparents. Especially his grandmother Victoria Nicholas, a great and formidable woman. When Erik went to go live with his Grandmother at age 11, she handed him a etiquette book from author Gloria Vanderbilt. Victoria told Erik to read and absorb the information and she expected Erik to put the book into practice. His grandmother taught him how to be a gentleman in many ways including, having respect for himself and others, holding the door open for a lady, or pulling a chair out for a woman to sit down at a table. Erik’s late Grandmother Victoria set Erik on a path to keep God first and to set the bar high. Victoria pushed Erik to excel and to be the best. Erik would rely on these principles later as he ventured into politics and business.

Also important to Erik’s life is Jim Clark and his family. The Clark family was introduced to Erik through the Big Brothers & Big Sisters Organization when Erik was 7 years old. Erik, being astute when he was younger, would often debate politics with Jim and his family. The Clark Family were moderate/liberal Republicans, which influenced Erik as a child. During this time Erik began to develop a passion for politics. Later, forging his path towards leadership, Erik ran and won Class President (6th grade). During this time, the Clark family was building a company called SMP (Specialty Metallurgical Products). 

SMP grew into to a multi-million dollar firm. Erik credits the Clarks’ for teaching him the fundamentals of business and fostering his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age. When Erik was in high school, he lived with the Clarks’ for a time. The Christmas gift of a computer programming book (C+) in 1994 from Jim inspired Erik. The foundation of computer programming and the emerging web, helped Erik to create the idea for My24HourNews.Com in 2010.

Erik’s interests in childhood and in high school centered around Reading, Science, Politics, Track & Field, and Basketball. Ever so competitive, he had undefeated seasons in the 110 and 300 hurdles both in Pennsylvania and later when he moved to Atlanta. Erik attended Morehouse College and ultimately graduated from Central State University in Ohio. He excelled in Basketball and Track. He majored in Political Science and International Relations, with minors in Business and in Journalism.

During and after college, Erik worked in Washington D.C. for the late Senator George Voinovich. This led Erik into politics where he ran for United States Congress, 10th Congressional District in 2007. In 2007, Erik introduced an Iraq War exit strategy which gained national attention. The press dubbed Erik, "A Rising Star". Erik is a Moderate Democrat and is very active in State of Colorado. When My24HourNews was ramping up and taking off, Erik retired from politics to concentrate on his company. Erik made the decision years ago along with AT&T (My24 v. AT&T - Click Here for The Story) to move My24 to Denver from Atlanta. Falling in love with the great State of Colorado, Erik found a new beginning in life. 

Enjoying the great beauty that Colorado has to offer, Erik wants to become Colorado's biggest cheerleader. When not working, writing, or innovating, Erik is very active in the city of Denver and other outlying areas of Colorado. You can catch Erik riding horses, kickboxing, hiking, running, reading and traveling. Currently, Erik is not married and has no children.

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