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Voter Information                                      

 Erik Underwood is going through the State Democratic Party Assembly on April 14th, 2018 (1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado) to become nominated for the June 26th, 2018 Primary.To participate in the State Democratic Party Assembly, you must be a registered Democrat; help elect Erik in the Assembly process! Please visit the State Dem Assembly - Underwood Info Center page on this website for more information.

In the statewide primary being held on June 26th, Unaffiliated voters along with Democrats can vote for Erik in the primary. You can register to vote all the way up to the day of June 26th!

To register to vote in Colorado, please visit the Colorado Secretary of State Website.


Underwood for Governor

E-Mail: Team@ErikUnderwood.Com

1550 Larimer Street #779
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone (720) 722 - 9404
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