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Solutions to Our Colorado Issues 

I have traveled the State of Colorado talking to Coloradans from every walk of life. I focused on the young, the old, the sick, and the vulnerable. Hardworking families from all around the State want access to opportunities. Rural Coloradans want to feel important, that they matter and count here in this State. As the next Governor of Colorado, I will work hard on these issues and any other issues that should arise during my tenure. These are the issues that Coloradans care about. Even though these are issues that Coloradans want addressed, this section on my website is also about solutions to our current and next challenges that we face. As a leader, I must have solutions ready to solve our challenges. I am ready for the challenge and we will work hard as a team to achieve all of our goals.

Erik Underwood's Platform and Vision for Colorado 



Repeal Tabor & Gallagher Amendment

I will repeal Tabor in steps and stages. We have to get rid of the Tabor Amendment, because it is holding our State back financially. How can we improve our roads and infrastructure here in Colorado, when we cannot even keep the much needed tax revenue for these improvements. Lets also properly fund our schools so all of Colorado's kids can have a great education in our great economy. Repealing Tabor will help to make this happen.

Free In State Tuition at a Public College, Trade School, or University

I want to work with the Colorado State Legislators on enacting my program, The Colorado Hope Grant Scholarship. The Hope Grant will give high school seniors a goal of free college, from the excess state lottery revenues.

Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative

Trade is killing our jobs here in America. So many countries have an unfair advantage over our workers and companies based here in the U.S. Its hard to compete when an economic trade system is stacked against you. I want to give the State of Colorado back that advantage through my economic plan and initiative that I call CRUAHMI, the Colorado Rural Urban Agricultural Hemp Manufacturing Initiative. I want Colorado to become an economic leader. Colorado will lead under an Underwood Administration. No one will be left out..and no one will be left behind.

The Problem: Lost jobs in rural and urban Colorado, the need for high paying jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunity for a new multibillion dollar economy and cash crop. Also, the need to reduce environmental short falls of cutting down trees, which takes longer to produce than Industrial Hemp.

The Solution: To create an agricultural and manufacturing initiative that will make Industrial Hemp an exportable cash crop for Colorado, creating jobs in hard hit rural counties. Through this initiative, Colorado will see billions of dollars in new revenue from hemp. This new tax base can help improve our schools, roads, and create more job opportunities, lifting more Coloradans out of poverty.

Uses From Hemp: Clothing, Shoes, Rope, Paper, Tee Shirts, Pants, Socks, Furniture, Construction, Beauty Products, and so many more manufactured items.

Protect Undocumented Immigrants -Come Out Of The Shadows Program

We must protect undocumented immigrants. We are a country and nation of immigrants. We cannot be a moral society without embracing the world. I will work with the State legislators on my program to allow undocumented immigrants legal status as a state resident through a process.

The Colorado Youth Voting Act

Enough is enough, and enough! We need a new allies against special interest. Our politicians will not act against the NRA on common sense gun legislation. These students need political voting power behind them to take on the NRA and other special interest, and thus, I will introduce our very best weapon; our youth. I want Colorado to serve as a national model for the rest of our country. I am going to empower a constituency that the NRA will not be able to bully or corrupt. I introduce to you, The Colorado Youth Voting Act.

This State Voting Act is not just about the NRA. We need our youth engaged in the political process early on, so we can develop their civic duty to vote and participate in our democracy.

To read my proposed Colorado Youth Voting Act, click here. 

Department of Rural Affairs

                              Department of Rural Affairs 

I am the only candidate proposing this measure. Rural Coloradans will no longer be forgotten! Our rural Coloradans will finally have a seat at the table! I pledge to create a Department of Rural Affairs within my first year as Governor.

Colorado Rural Broadband Initiative

                     Colorado Rural Broadband Initiative


I pledge as the next Governor to bring broadband to the rural areas and counties around Colorado. I also pledge, to treat this issue as a top priority for rural communities. It is important for our rural Coloradans to connect to the world through business, education, and entrepreneurship. 

Expand Medicaid

We live in uncertain times with the Trump Administration trying to repeal Obama Care (The Affordable Health Care Act). This is where I will stand in between the President and the most vulnerable Coloradans who need health care.  

Expunge Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions

What never made sense to me is that when our state legalized recreational marijuana, there was never a bill thereafter to correct nonviolent marijuana convictions for possession. This disportionately affects Rural Coloradans and Communities of Color, where these convictions stigmatizes them and makes it difficult seeking employment. Lets remove these barriers, so all Coloradans can contribute to society.

Opioid Addiction

The Opioid Addiction issue here in Colorado is reaching epidemic proportion. This addiction knows no color, gender, age, or economic class. In 2015, according to statistics, more people died from overdoses (259) then homicides (205) here in the State of Colorado.

Equal Pay For Equal Work

As the next Governor, I will sign an executive order making sure that all women who work for the State of Colorado are paid the same as their male counterpart.

Homeless Vets

We cannot turn our backs here at home on men and women who fought for our freedom. As Governor, I will make it a special priority on solving an issue that keeps getting left out of conversations.

Protecting Our Environment

Protecting our environment is an important issue for me as the next Governor, and I will work to protect Colorado and all of its' beauty. I will work with both private and public sectors on wind and solar energy initiatives. Climate change is real and we have to preserve our State and planet for the next generation.

Economic Equality

We have a great economy here in Colorado. Unfortunately Rural Coloradans and Urban Coloradans often get left out of participation.

Protecting Our Farmers

Protecting our Colorado farmers is a priority of mine. Farming is tied to our socioeconomic well being here in the state and I want Farmers to know that I have their back.

Equality in Public School Education and Innovating New School Programs

It should not be that because your public school is in an affluent neighborhood that you have more resources for programs and education than someone who is not. This is where rural and urban Coloradans get left behind. We cannot allow this to continue here in Colorado.

Campus Rape

Campus rape is a serious crime all over the United States. I stand with the victims of these horrible acts and will work with State Legislators to toughen laws on this issue. I will also work with colleges and universities here in Colorado to have a uniform policy when dealing with this serious crime.

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